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MIBD Gold Bar Overview

Marigold Trademark Gold Bar was under the member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society with market acceptance of the circulation and settlement.

Gold light of its beauty and sensation, a nearly constant value to attract millions people attention. Since ancient times, is a symbol of power and wealth, also known as the “King of the Currency”. With the establishment and development of the modern international monetary system, gold and non-monetary, gold became the free to own and freely traded commodity, gold from the national treasury to folk, has become a popular hedge against inflation, reserve and collection of treasures.

Gold is a unique dual properties of financial and commodity special varieties. Financial attributes of gold is mainly reflected in the world's central banks retain the high amount of gold reserves, gold is the country's financial assets and the statement to confirm; gold merchandise attributes being reflected in the current surging gold market. The gold market has become one of the most important financial markets, like stocks, bonds, and futures. Tied in the gold market, you can gain by either speculation, or price difference; also can hedge risk-averse and enjoy the collection fun.

Marigold's brand kilo (1000 grams) gold bar is recognized by the Chinese Gold and Silver Society, Hong Kong ( and its members. It is fully accepted for spot and futures trading and settlement on the CGSE. Marigold International Bullion Dealers Limited is a licensed broker (AA status), and a recognized e-Trading member of the CGSE (ID: 023). Each kilo gold bar is accredited by CGSE that guarantees the quality, fineness, and weight. With such quality guarantee, the Marigold gold bars are widely circulated in the open market. This can avoid the substantial discount to the prevailing market price of the cash settlement on used gold bars, which provides great investment value of preservation, collection, and reserves.
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