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With a history of nearly 20 years, MG Holdings Group has developed as a conglomerate company engaged in property development and leasing, wealth management, financial investment consultancy and brokerage services.

Since 2002, we have successfully achieved steady development and advancement of businesses by capitalizing on numerous favourable opportunities on property market.  In recent years, we have continuously invested in several industries including hotel, tourism, immigration consultancy, green industry, catering and entertainment, which in turn bring complementary advantages to our property development operations.


In respect of our business in the financial industry, we have grown into a global one-stop financial supermarket which provides a full spectrum of services covering bullion, stocks, futures and forex trading, wealth management, insurance and loans solution.  Following our accreditation of bullion recognized and good delivery refinery of Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange (CGSE) in 2008, we expanded our business to gold recycling, physical bullion custom-minting, trading and storage and global logistics and government coins distribution.

In 2012, the construction of MG Tower, which is in the vicinity of Hong Kong Cruise Terminal and Pearl Harbour, was completed. The business units moved to our new headquarter.  In adherence to the group objective of “Glorious On Gold”, our various business lines strive to achieve synergy through coordination and cooperation.  Acting with integrity, professionalism and a pursuit for excellence, we keep on innovating superior products and services for our business partners and customers in an effort to create high values for them and ourselves.

Marigold International Bullion Dealers Limited
Established in 6 June 2007, in accordance with the company rules and regulations set by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).
The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society member with License No.: 023(accepted broker worldwide.)
Member of Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society ( CGSE Hong Kong ) .
Limited to 192 members.Amount the 192 members only 171 with valid license.