US Non-Farm Payroll Data Announcement

Release:Jan 29, 2018 10:40
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To: All IB and Clients:

The US Non-farm Payroll data is a major economic announcement of market concern. The release of the data may bring about hectic fluctuation in market prices. Therefore, non-farm payrolls trading conditions and rules as follows on:


Loco London Gold(LLG)

Beijing Time 07:00 until market is stable.(Limit & Stop Level):



Trading Spread Tips:

Should there be hectic fluctuation in market prices, the Trader reserves the right to adjust the price spread accordingly, the price spread may be expanded to $3, or even higher level. Please note the balance of your account and make prior arrangements for remittance of funds to avoid shortage due to market fluctuation. The above arrangements have been made to reduce the clients’ risk exposure in hectic market movements. In case of queries, please call our Customer Service Center. Thank you for your attention.